How to Change Your Thinking About Exercise

Girls Running in the Boxer Brief 5K by Hitting Cancer Below the Belt

Exercise!  How does this word make you feel?  Energetic or apathetic?  For many of us, the thought of exercising brings up comments such as…”I wish I had time”, or “I can’t, I have bad knees, hips, feet, etc.” or “I really don’t enjoy it” or my favorite “I don’t like to sweat.”  What would happen […]

Stress Reduction: Mindfulness and Visualization Apps

On May 9th, we offered a stress reduction workshop on visualization and we have some meditation apps to share with all of you! Dawn Quicke, CMT, NeuroStrategist, and owner of Living Health Massage and Wellness Center, guided us through a couple of practices which helped attendees to discover the healing power of visualization and how […]

Coconut Oil: What’s Up with Fat?

coconut whole cut half leaves composition isolated on white background as package design element

In June, we shared some thoughts and additional studies on the coconut oil and saturated fat controversy that recently took the Internet by storm. Several experts in the field have also taken the time to share their perspectives on the risks associated with substituting saturated fats like coconut oil for polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in […]

Drink Up! Water Supports the Body and May Help Reduce Cancer Risk

Hydration with HCB2 - glass of water

One simple and life-changing way we can “ Fight Right” is to drink more water everyday. We cannot live without it as the human body is made up of at least 60% water, and heavily relies on it to carry out very important processes such as digestion, detoxification and nutrient absorption among other functions (1, 2). Drinking […]