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Love your gut to protect your butt

Nutrition has a direct impact on our health and the ability of our bodies to fight disease.

Let’s prevent disease the right way – by including gut-loving nutrition in the fight to prevent cancer or the return of cancer. To gain more insight, check out:

HCB2 wants to help community members engage in behaviors conducive to optimal health through the creation of a bodily environment where cancer is challenged to survive. Thanks to Advisory Council members Dr. Marlisa Hurt, Dr. Christian Jenski, Dr. Jamie McLaughlin, and Tressa Breindel, LAc, HCB2 is able to offer current nutritional education based on research and studies from across the globe.

The gut microbe colonies – our “good guy” bacteria – are easily measured and scientifically proven to play a vital role in fighting all chronic inflammatory diseases, including cancer. Changing the environment within the body to one that will not host cancer is critical.

Our information supports ways to green up and grain down, consume quality fats for cellular integrity, and clean proteins for cellular repair. HCB2 encourages hydration as a major factor in preventing disease and overall quality of life. Preparing and cooking with the focus not just on vitamin consumption, but also being mindful of maintaining the
minerals and enzymes naturally occurring in foods is a major consideration as well.

HCB2 has several ways to receive our “food as medicine” information. See below and select the best option for you!