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Stress Reduction

What can you let go?

The immune system is not isolated from one’s daily experience.

Research shows that the human experience can either support or disrupt physical wellness. Emotions, such as stress, create electrical, chemical, and hormonal changes within the nervous system. Chronic stress activates inflammation, disrupts the balance of the gut flora leading to GI issues and a disturbed immune system, and stimulates a continual cortisol drip wreaking havoc on bodily systems. Over time, chronic stress can reduce oxygen supplied to our cells which can lead to an acidic bodily environment. Cancer thrives in an acidic and inflamed bodily environment. It is known that chronic stress plays a role in the rise of all disease, including cancer.

We have the power, however, to help the body heal through a daily activity every person on the planet performs. How? Through the breath. Simply start with a slow DEEP BREATH, causing an expansion in the belly area, and then fully EXHALE. Repeat two more times. This easy step of concentrating on deep, full breathes can help to create wellness for the body and mind.

HCB2’s Fight Right initiative includes support and education for community members to Nourish, Move, & Breathe. We eat, move, and breathe every day to remain not just well, but alive! So, how are you doing these activities? Do you breathe shallow or take in large, diaphragmatic breaths? Do you move more than you sit throughout the day? Do you eat clean or reach for quick, processed foods? We offer services and information to encourage mindfulness as we “do” life each day.

Find stress reduction information by listening to HCB2’s Fight Right podcasts which discuss the power of the breath by advisory council member Melissa T. Young. Another great option is to listen to Dawn Quicke, a HCB2 partner, discuss an enlightening topic about the power of words in our every day life. Our friends Cara Marinucci and Erin Johnson at Integrative Transformations have also created wonderful podcasts to help create a state of mindfulness and overall sense of well being. Check out their podcasts!