Stress Reduction

Group on yoga mats in circle at HCB2 stress reduction workshopThe immune system is not isolated from one’s daily experience.  Research shows that the human experience can either support of disrupt physical wellness. Emotions, such as stress, create electrical, chemical, and hormonal charges within the nervous system.  Chronic stress activates inflammation, disrupts the balance of the gut flora leading to GI issues and a disturbed immune system, and causes a continual cortisol drip wrecking havoc on the bodily systems, including the immune system.  In addition, physical and emotional stress can reduce oxygen supplied to our cells which challenges the cellular system to exchange oxygen which can create an acidic bodily environment.  Cancer thrives in an acidic and inflamed bodily environment. BREATHE DEEP and EXHALE – an easy first step to internal and external wellness.

Stress Reduction Workshops

Auricular Acupuncture & Breathing Meditation
Join us for various opportunities to learn more about how you can release excess stress and find your own sense of calm. Keep an eye on our events calendar to find out about our FREE stress reduction sessions.  Thanks to Dr. Jamie McLaughlin and Sonja Smith, we have offered auricular acupuncture and breathing meditation sessions.  Auricular acupuncture involves placing acupuncture needles in five points along the ear to stimulate the parasympathetic system – the system opposite of the sympathetic or flight-or-fight system.   These five points bring nourishment and energy flow to the liver, lung, kidney, open the spirit gate, and help the body rest and digest to help create balance and restoration.  Participants are also guided through a breathing meditation during the session.  Contact for more information.

Our thanks to Dr. Jamie McLaughlin and Sonja Smith for being so giving of their time and experience to help us support cancer patients, survivors and community members since 2016!

Additional stress reduction sessions will be offered in 2019.