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Colorectal Screening

Breaking down barriers to screening.

HCB2 funds screening programs across Virginia. We are on the CUSP.

Since 2014, HCB2 has provided colorectal cancer screening for the medically underserved population. Screening events such as Free Colonoscopy Day, FluFIT gatherings, and the continual Free Clinic Screening Program has provided over 6,100 underserved community members screening services. In 2022, HCB2 created a Colonoscopy Stipend for patients of our clinic partners that are not financially eligible for colonoscopy thanks to our partnership with Colon & Rectal Specialists. The above programs are a part of the CUSP Initiative – Colorectal Cancer Uninsured Screening Programs (CUSP). HCB2 is changing the direction of screening rates for our most vulnerable community members.

Free Colonoscopy Day will return on Saturday, February 24th in partnership with Colon & Rectal Specialists and Access Now to help underserved patients receive proper screenings for colorectal cancer. The event has scheduled 16 free colonoscopies for uninsured individuals across the Richmond area and truly showcases the impact of collaboration. 

In partnership with Colon & Rectal Specialists, the event will take place at their new facility in Mechanicsville. The medical team has donated their facility, equipment, and expertise of many of their medical staff. Access Now has played a critical role in helping to communicate with the charitable care medical clinics and identifying eligible patients. Partnerships with the medical community to enhance community outreach initiatives saves even more lives.

The FluFIT event has been on hold since the pandemic; however, the model remains as an effective strategy to reach the underserved community. HCB2’s Free Clinic Colorectal Cancer Screening Program continues to expand. Our medical clinic partners effectively and efficiently offer screening to their age- and risk-eligible patients with the Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) testing tool. The completed FIT test is returned and tested onsite for immediate results. HCB2 selected to purchase Polymedco’s FIT in-home screening tool due to efficacy, affordability, and ease of screening for patients. The program is now implemented in 12 medical clinics across the state.

Medically underserved patients are provided access to timely screening which helps to break down some of the structural (e.g. lack of health insurance and transportation) and personal barriers (e.g. fear) to colorectal cancer early detection. Many patients also appreciate that the less invasive screening option can be conducted within the privacy of one’s home.

If you are a medical clinic serving the underserved community and would like to offer a FIT colorectal screening program, please contact us.

If you are a hospital system and would like additional support for your cancer prevention community outreach programs, please contact [email protected].

If you are a patient with limited income and in need of a medical home, please visit the Virginia Association of Free Clinics (https://www.vafreeclinics.org/) to find a clinic or the HRSA Data Warehouse (https:// findahealthcenter.hrsa.gov) to find your local community health center.

Creating screening programs for free clinics and FQHCs across the Commonwealth of Virginia has brought early detection to high risk communities which is saving lives. These medical centers are challenged with limited resources and HCB2 is dedicated to bringing timely colorectal screening services to support the vital health care they offer their communities. Partnerships matter to HCB2.
Leslie G.

Donors, partners, and grant funders such as the “Galloway Grant” along with HCB2’s special events help support this life saving service. HCB2 is currently working to partner with GI groups across the Commonwealth of Virginia to offer the colonoscopy procedure for those most at risk for colorectal cancer. If you are a GI group interested in learning more about these partnerships, please contact us.