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Check out a Scholarship Winner!

HCB2 offers a graduating Chesterfield County senior a $2,000 scholarship!

The “Can We Talk?” Scholarship began after the loss of Coach Rich Conklin who was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at the young age of 41 in 2009. Coach Conklin passed away in January 2011. He was a football coach at Clover Hill High School and the scholarship was created by the Conklin family. Now the scholarship is available to all students attending a Chesterfield County High School!

The “Can We Talk?” Scholarship requires applicants to write a letter of interest (click here to download the pdf) and to create a 30-second video or up to three infographics educating young people on the importance of colon health and colorectal cancer prevention. Applicants can email the letter of interest and their creation to [email protected]. The deadline is May 1st with the award announced by mid-May.

Due to the rising colorectal cancer rates among the younger community, the winning images will help educate young people about cancer risks and symptoms not to ignore at any age. The winning images will be posted on social media, shared within the HCB2 Junior Board, and possibly posted within Chesterfield County high schools.

For more information about applying to the “Can We Talk?” Scholarship, please contact us.