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Stress Reduction: Mindfulness and Visualization Apps

On May 9th, we offered a stress reduction workshop on visualization and we have some meditation apps to share with all of you!

Dawn Quicke, CMT, NeuroStrategist, and owner of Living Health Massage and Wellness Center, guided us through a couple of practices which helped attendees to discover the healing power of visualization and how to live a deliberate life.  This practice is much more that “just being or staying positive”. Our thoughts and the words we use contain power and we have the choice to use our words to our advantage or disadvantage.  Our body contains cells which record our emotional state.  For instance, if you close your eyes and think about holding a lemon, smelling the lemon, and then taking a bite out of the lemon it’s quite likely you will experience a sour taste and even a sour expression; however, the lemon is not real.  The lemon is just imagined. The imagined image created a physical and emotional response within the body.  We highly suggest to pay attention to your thoughts as they do impact your body.

Visualization, like meditation, does require some practice. Dawn suggested we check out the Calm and Insight Timer apps to help us incorporate this way of thinking and being into our lives each day.  Check out the links below:

Do you practice mindfulness?  Do you have an app or other resource you like to use?  Would love to hear from you!  Send us an email at [email protected]