HCB2 Mission - Board members behind information table

Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (HCB2) is dedicated to colorectal (colon and rectal) cancer prevention in our hometown of Richmond, VA, surrounding counties, and across the Commonwealth.  We are focused on the importance of colon health for cancer prevention. HCB2 provides community education, early detection services for the uninsured, and direct support services for patients and survivors. By hosting events and offering services, we are able to raise awareness, provide education, and raise funds for local efforts in cancer prevention.  Our vision is to build and bridge resources in an effort to create a community where  cancer is challenged to survive.

Established in 2013 after the founder’s husband passed away due to colorectal cancer, HCB2 has served thousands of community members and provided leadership in breaking the silence of this country’s second cancer killer – colorectal cancer.


Through our services and events, we provide prevention education which includes nutritional strategies, stress reduction experiences, and practical tips from experienced professionals along with survivors.  Many of our followers become advocates in the community by sharing information, and investing their time and talent during events.  We are also involved in promoting and planning colorectal cancer early detection programs in the Richmond area in hopes of eliminating the development of cancer.  It’s not all work, we love to celebrate and support recovery while enjoying the life we are given!

Interested in becoming involved with HCB2? Check out our Volunteer Page.  If you have a creative idea to strike back against cancer and would like to speak with a HCB2 representative, please contact info@hcb2.org.

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