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Exercise and Cancer

Great benefits of moving at any age and any stage!

Why Exercise During Cancer Treatment?

Physical activity while patients receive cancer treatment has been shown to have both short term and long term benefits. Physical activity is known to combat treatment-related side effects which includes fatigue, muscle loss, decreased range of motion, muscular imbalance, and “chemo brain” while helping to reduce anxiety and depression.  Anne M. May, PhD, Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the University Medical Center in Utrecht, Netherlands speaks and writes about her support of regular physical activity after diagnosis due to the associated positive outcomes.

Additionally, research shows that exercising during cancer treatment can be beneficial for the health and quality of life of survivors.  Long term benefits include a lower chance of post- treatment fatigue and weight gain, as well as a stronger immune system which can lead to a reduced risk of a future diagnosis.  Exercise helps to not only strengthen the body and immune system, but to stimulate the lymphatic system to help naturally detox cellular waste, toxins, bacteria, and chemicals which can cause inflammation, pain, and illness.

Since studies are showing positive short-term and long term effects of exercise during cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, and HCB2 is a prevention organization, we are beginning to offer exercise services to cancer patients and survivors.  Our goal is to roll out the new Fight Right initiative this Fall of 2019.  We cannot ignore the research showing that exercise is good for cancer patients. Timothy Gilligan, MD, MSc, FASCO, Associate Professor of Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute, has stated,  “In the past, patients were often told to rest and reduce their physical activity during treatment, but we now know that exercise is both safe and highly beneficial.”  We are eager to offer exercise services to the Richmond area cancer patients!

More information about HCB2’s group Monthly Move sessions and individual consultations will be announced in September.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email [email protected].

Let’s Fight Right so we create a bodily environment where cancer is challenged to survive!  #cancerhatesthat