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“Can We Talk” Breaking the silence about colorectal cancer.

HCB2’s website has downloadable resources which may help you and your loved ones reduce your risk of colorectal cancer.  Specifically, the “Can We Talk” one pager consists of six questions to ask yourself and your loved ones to assess your risk of a future colorectal cancer diagnosis.  HCB2 is gearing up for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month during the month of March, and our schedule is filling up with community appearances to  provide prevention education and to raise the level of conversation about this disease.  We will be distributing the flyer and encouraging community members to take home the information and discuss with family members. However, you can take 5 minutes right now and download the six questions.  The “Can We Talk” flyer breaks the silence about colon health in an effort to reduce the risk of a colorectal cancer diagnosis.

Potty time is no longer private time – listen to your gut!  Be aware of chronic GI symptoms, discover your family history, talk to your doctor about screening options, and always tell your doctor about any GI issues.  Colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable, and beatable especially if caught in the early stages.  Let’s get talking!