Inflatable Colon Request “Can We Talk?”

Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (HCB2) wants to bring the inflatable colon to you! The inflatable colon is an entertaining, educational aid and promises to be a hit at any community or corporate activity.  HCB2 uses their “Strolling Colon” to raise the level of conversation about colorectal cancer and early detection options. The Can We Talk? initiative pre-screens community members’ risk for colorectal cancer and the additional materials offers education which raises the level of knowledge regarding colon health. HCB2 is able to offer this service FREE within the Richmond, VA area and to the surrounding counties within a 45 mile radius.

HCB2 does request travel reimbursement for regions outside the 45 mile radius.  HCB2 requests travel and hotel reimbursement if traveling outside a 120 mile radius. The 2022 rate is 58.5 cents per mile and the requested stipend for hotel accommodation is $100/per night.

HCB2 does not ship their inflatable colon.

A picture of a polyp inside the inflatable colon

Please complete the following form to request HCB2’s presence along with the inflatable colon or email info@HCB2.org to learn more.  Thank you for supporting our work.  Together, we can create communities without cancer.

Some volunteers inside the inflatable colon

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