HCB2 Screening

HCB2’s latest commercial airs on WRIC Channel 8 throughout May! Thank you Jervetta and Patrick for being fabulous volunteers! African Americans, begin routine screening at age 45 or even earlier if you have symptoms! #cancerhatesthat

HCB2 Unboxing Video 2019 on Vimeo.

Providing education to the younger population is critical due to colorectal cancer diagnosis rising in 20-39 year olds. We love our new video which highlights the importance of gut health and cancer prevention.

Creating a Fulfilling Life: The Conklin Family’s Story

A wonderful piece from Securian Financial about the Conklin family’s story and beginning of Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (HCB2).  When a loved one dies, their energy lives on!


Hitting Cancer Below the Belt media segments in 2018.

Colonoscopy Procedure: “Not that big of a deal.”



Colorectal Cancer Awareness:  “Reduce your risk of colon cancer at any age.”




HCB2 Testimonials

Some testimonials about the importance of colorectal screenings and why it is important to be informed.