America’s Got Skills

Fun interview with Taylor Quinn from Fimspire highlighting the start of HCB2 and it’s current messages.



HCB2 Screening

HCB2’s latest PSA to help educate the community about colorectal cancer prevention. Thank you Jervetta and Patrick for being fabulous volunteers! African Americans, begin routine screening at age 45 or even earlier if you have symptoms! #cancerhatesthat

HCB2 Unboxing Video 2019 on Vimeo.

Providing education to the younger population is critical due to colorectal cancer diagnosis rising in 20-39 year olds. We love our new video which highlights the importance of gut health and cancer prevention.

Creating a Fulfilling Life: The Conklin Family’s Story

A wonderful piece from Securian Financial about the Conklin family’s story and beginning of Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (HCB2).  When a loved one dies, their energy lives on!


Hitting Cancer Below the Belt media segments in 2018.

Colonoscopy Procedure: “Not that big of a deal.”



Colorectal Cancer Awareness:  “Reduce your risk of colon cancer at any age.”




HCB2 Testimonials

Some testimonials about the importance of colorectal screenings and why it is important to be informed.