Check out the different ways HCB2 can help you and your loved ones fight
through breathing!

Acupuncture & Breathing Meditation

Join our partners Dr. Jamie McLaughlin and Melissa Terese Young for various
opportunities to learn more about how you can release excess stress and find
your own sense of calm through Breath Work and Acupuncture!

Our thanks to Dr. Jamie McLaughlin and Sonja Smith for being so giving of
their time and experience to help us support cancer patients, survivors and
community members since 2016 and we welcome our new partner, Melissa
Terese Young, Breath Work professional!

HCB2 Fight Right Podcasts

Find stress reduction information by listening to HCB2’s Fight Right podcasts which
discuss the power of the breath by advisory council member Melissa T. Young.

Another great option is to listen to Dawn Quicke, a HCB2 partner, discuss an
enlightening topic about the power of words in our every day life.

Additional Resources

Free Online Resources

Easy Ear Acupressure to reduce
stress and anxiety while
restoring balance to the body.

Our friends Cara Marinucci and
Erin Johnson at Integrative
Transformations have created
wonderful podcasts to help
create a state of mindfulness
and overall sense of well being.

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If you’re going to fight, Fight Right! Nourish. Breathe. Move.