Check out the different ways HCB2 can help you and your loved ones fight
through nutrition!

Healing Belly Basket

The Healing Belly Basket is our gift to cancer patients and survivors in the
Richmond, VA area who are interested in taking initial steps to restore the
gut microbiome, which helps to support a healthy immune system.

The complimentary healing basket contains nutrient-dense, real food to
help nourish the digestive system and assist in recovery.

If you are a cancer patient, cancer survivor, or know someone who has
been facing this challenge in the Richmond area, please think about
requesting a Healing Belly Basket below!

Panty Pak

The Panty Pak is our gift to cancer patients and survivors out of the Richmond, VA area. It includes several travel sizes of the same items we include in the full-size Healing Belly Basket. Please complete the Healing Belly Basket form to request your free Panty Pak.

The Panty Pak is also available for a minimum donation of $25 to others within Richmond, VA and beyond that are interested in taking initial steps to restore the gut microbiome, which may help to support a healthy immune system. Please request your Panty Pak here.

Grocery List

HCB2’s Fight Right Anti-Inflammatory Grocery List provides information
about foods which help to bring oxygen into the body and decrease
inflammation, critical to preventing cancer.

If you’re interested in following an online group, Nutrition Coalition is a
great option!

HCB2 Fight Right Podcasts

HCB2 Fight Right Podcasts help you to create a bodily environment where
cancer is challenged to survive. Many of the recordings feature guests
who discuss nutrition as medicine and the first line of defense in
preventing disease and aiding in recovery.

Check out the Fight Right podcasts and keep an eye on our events
calendar to find out about upcoming workshops.

If you’re going to fight, Fight Right! Nourish. Breathe. Move.

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