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What Is FIT Screening?

The Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) is a noninvasive, easy method to
test for occult (non-visible) blood in the stool which could signal an issue
which needs further investigating. The test is completed in the privacy of
your own home and then the patient mails test to the designated lab to
complete the screen. The results are sent to the doctor for follow up.

Cologuard is a cutting edge method of in-home colorectal cancer
screening. Cologuard is a stool DNA screen which tests for non-visible
blood in the stool AND it is the only test that uses stool DNA technology
to detect the shedding of cells that may indicate cancer or precancer.
The screening tool is sent directly to your home after your doctor places
the order. The completed test is sent back to the Exact Sciences lab to
complete the screen and the doctor is notified of the results.

Why We Offer FIT Screening

In 2017, HCB2 was invited to partner with Health Brigade, a local free clinic,
to distribute at home colorectal cancer screening tests (FIT) to uninsured
patients. Lacking health insurance, patients may be unable to act upon the
recommendation to get screened for cancer. The out of pocket costs for
uninsured patients to receive a colonoscopy are another barrier to screening.

Many of these patients in the Richmond area are likely to receive help
through Access Now in receiving a screening colonoscopy, but the wait list
for these patients can be months long. For those patients that are 50 years of
age or older and of average risk for colorectal cancer, the FIT screening tool
is an inexpensive and less invasive option that can be conducted at home.

Colorectal Cancer Screening Tips

First, TELL your doctor: If you have a family history of polyps, or a family history
of colorectal cancer. If you are having pain, bloating, blood in stool, chronic
constipation, irregular bowel habits at ANY AGE. Remind your doctor you are over
50, and African Americans please remind your doctor if you are over age 45.

Second, ASK your doctor about: Simple in-home non-invasive screening options,
scheduling a colonoscopy, and proper prepping procedure.

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Do not let fear nor misconceptions stop you from receiving the proper early
detection procedures that can save your life!
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