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HCB2’s Services include support and education to inform about the power of nourishment, movement, and quality breathing every day. We eat, move, and breathe every day to remain not just well, but to thrive.

Fight Right Services

HCB2’s Fight Right Initiative encourages nourishment, movement, and quality breathing which helps to create a bodily environment where cancer is challenged survive.


Food and the nutrients contained within, gives us the ability to nourish, build and repair our bodies. Aiming for more nutrient-dense and anti-inflammatory foods and beverages each day, and less of everything else, may help to reduce risk of colorectal and other cancers as well as provide support through cancer treatment and recovery.

Thanks to Dr. Marlisa Hurt, board member and Chair of the Education committee, and advisory council members Dr. Christian Jenski, Dr. Jamie McLaughlin, and Tressa Breindel, HCB2 is able to offer current nutritional education based on research and studies from across the globe.


Research reveals cancer patients can derive numerous wellness benefits with just 30 minutes of physical activity 3 times per week and resistance training two times per week. Cancer outcomes are more positive when the cancer patient has exercised through treatment and into survivorship.

Thanks to training through the Certified Exercise Training Institute (CETI), HCB2 provides leadership and direction for our most vulnerable population to remain active.


The immune system is not isolated from one’s daily experience. Research shows that the human experience can either support of disrupt physical wellness. Emotions, such as stress, create electrical, chemical, and hormonal charges within the nervous system. Chronic stress activates inflammation, disrupts the balance of the gut flora leading to GI issues and a disturbed immune system, and causes a continual cortisol drip wrecking havoc on the bodily systems, including the immune system.

In addition, physical and emotional stress can reduce oxygen supplied to our cells which challenges the cellular system to exchange oxygen which can create an acidic bodily environment. Cancer thrives in an acidic and inflamed bodily environment. BREATHE DEEP and EXHALE – an easy first step to internal and external wellness. A special thank you to Melissa Teresa McLaughlin, Breathwork expert and advisory council member, for her expertise!

Colorectal Cancer Screening Services

Early detection of colorectal cancer can help to save lives. HCB2 brings colorectal cancer screening to low income, uninsured and medically underserved individuals throughout Virginia in addition to offering educational resources to the general community.

Colorectal Cancer Screening Services

Colorectal cancer can be both preventable and treatable, particularly if it is caught at an early stage. In recent years, our work has focused on providing an in-home colorectal cancer screening tool (FIT) at no cost to help people in need and facing multiple barriers to care. It is through our partnerships with free clinics, FQHCs and other community-oriented organizations that we are able to help assist medically uninsured and undersevred populations access timely and affordable cancer screening. We first piloted our FIT screening initiative in 2017 with Health Brigade free clinic, and have since expanded our FIT screening partnerships across the state for a total of nine clinic sites.

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