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RVA Mag Article

HCB2 was very lucky to be featured in an article written by Emily Gerke about who we are, what we do, and some people we have impacted. RVA Mag shared its story with its readers and we want you to see it to. Click here to read all about the great stuff HCB2 is doing!

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Boxer Brief 5K on WTVR 6

Did You Know Colorectal Cancer is the second most common cancer in the United States, and it’s a disease that is potentially curable if diagnosed early? Mindy Conklin, Founder and Executive Director with Hitting Cancer Below the Belt, stopped by along with special event guests Bryant Johnson and Michelle Stravitz to share the details behind the 7th Annual “Boxer Brief 5K Run/Walk” on Virginia This Morning. Click here to see the whole segment from WTVR.

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Screen by 45 to Thrive!

Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (HCB2) enthusiastically supports the current efforts to lower the colorectal cancer screening age to 45 for everyone of average risk. To be clear, the current recommendations state that those in the Black community need to begin screening by age 45 due to the documented, higher risk many face with this disease. The current recommendation for all others of average risk is to begin screening by age 50. Regardless of your age, HCB2 actively...

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These women, bonded in grief, are breaking the silence surrounding colorectal cancer

Mindy Conklin and Susan Wysoki lost loved ones to colorectal cancer at young ages. Now, they're mission is to spread awareness about how dangerous it can be.

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Family History Matters

Providing education to the younger population is critical due to colorectal cancer diagnosis
rising in 20-39 year olds. We love our new video which highlights the importance of gut health and cancer prevention.

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HCB2’s Fight Right Podcast

We are Hitting Cancer Below the Belt and we are hitting cancer hard with quality information that helps you to create a bodily environment where cancer is challenged to survive.

Each podcast offers education and insight to give listeners the power to make lifestyle changes that may increase one’s ability to prevent or recover from a cancer diagnosis. Simple and effective strategies are offered by functional medicine practitioners and other experts who use a holistic approach to help others “Fight Right”. #cancerhatesthat

Episode 15- It's never too late and never too EARLY to begin screening. Dr. Bierle discusses family conversations that could save your life.

Has your Mom and Dad been screened for colorectal cancer? Did they have polyps removed? Do you have cancer in your family history? What age was the family cancer diagnosed? If you have not had this conversation with family members you may want to listen to our short podcast because we discuss one of the largest barriers to screening -- "I Did Not Know Because I Did Not Ask". Dr. Bierle joins HCB2 to help spark the exact discussions that need to happen among family members to help people become proactive with screening. Thank you Dr. Bierle!

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