“Can We Talk?” HCB2 breaks the silence about colorectal cancer.

There are various ways HCB2 raises the level of conversation about colorectal cancer. The inflatable colon is a big ice breaker! The entertaining 10'x10' Colon is an educational aid and promises to be a hit at any community or corporate activity! HCB2 travels with the “Strolling Colon” to schools, medical facilities, corporations, community meetings and health fairs across the state of Virginia.

The “Can We Talk?” initiative also includes pre-screening community members’ risk for colorectal cancer. The additional materials HCB2 offers helps to provide information to raise the level of knowledge regarding colon health. HCB2 is able to offer this service FREE within the Richmond, VA area and to the surrounding counties within a 45 mile radius! HCB2 will travel outside the Richmond, Virginia area; however, travel expenses will be applied.

“Can We Talk?” Scholarship

Each year HCB2 awards their “Can We Talk?” scholarship to a graduating senior in Chesterfield County who has created the best public service announcement (PSA) to educate young people about colon health and colorectal cancer prevention. The winning video or images will be used for one year as a part of HCB2’s social media campaign. For more information regarding this opportunity, please watch our scholarship video.

Colorectal cancer rates are rising among younger people, butt it doesn’t have to stay that way! Your skills will help to grow our efforts to alert and educate people in the community. This HCB2 scholarship is a great opportunity to leave a lasting impression among your peers as you move from high school and into the next chapter of your life.

FIT Screening Initiative

HCB2’s Colorectal Cancer Screening program includes providing support and education for community members and funding FIT In-Home Screening in the community.

Through this initiative, HCB2’s original collaboration with the Health Brigade created a model which broke down some of the barriers that many in the uninsured community face in taking appropriate and timely action against colorectal cancer.

HCB2 expanded the FIT Screening services to Crossover Ministries and the Healthy Heart clinic in early 2018 and HCB2 now offers Free Screening services at nine medical sites across the state of Virginia.

General Colorectal Cancer Education

What are the first steps in colorectal cancer prevention? HCB2 has the following quick tips:

Know the Symptoms & Get Screened

Screening saves lives. Many cancers, such as colon cancer, are treatable and beatable if
discovered early. Many times there are no symptoms in the early stages when a screen can
detect an issue. However, chronic constipation, changes in bowel habits, blood in stools, thin
stools are all signals of gastric distress and need to be addressed by a doctor. Talk with your
doctor about the FIT screening tool – a simple, noninvasive test completed in the privacy of your
own home.

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Know Your Family History

We are learning more about how genetics plays a role in our health every year. Talk with your
parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, if this is an option, and discuss the past histories of
relatives. Many cancers are related to one another so it’s important to understand if your body
might be vulnerable to cancerous tumors. For example, risk of colon cancer is 2-3x higher
when a first degree relative is diagnosed. It may be in your best interest to get screened at
earlier or more frequent intervals if you have a family history.

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Understand that Diet Plays a Role in Creating an
Environment Where Cancer Cells Thrive

Cancer cells will thrive in an inflamed, low oxygenated environment AND cancer loves sugar. If
we continue to eat processed foods filled with poor quality fats (all “vegetable” oils), sugar,
sugar substitutes, chemicals and preservatives that our bodies are not wired to breakdown and
eliminate, then we are creating an inflamed, acidic, toxic environment within the body where
cancer can flourish!

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Walk and Talk

Lack of exercise will create a low oxygenated body where cancer can multiply. Moving the
body stimulates the lymphatic system which helps to transport toxins out of the body. The
lymphatic system is only stimulated during muscle contraction or manual manipulation.

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Resources We Love

Exact Sciences:

Legal resources to help with the
challenges of cancer. LINC is a local
Richmond organization.

FIT: Fecal
Immunochemical Test

Simple, noninvasive in-home
screening tool


Legal resources to help with the
challenges of cancer. LINC is a local
Richmond organization.

National Colorectal
Cancer Roundtable

Manage and track all of your
community’s giving and access their
donor analytics.

NIH: National
Cancer Institute

Manage and track all of your
community’s giving and access their
donor analytics.

Cancer Society

Manage and track all of your
community’s giving and access their
donor analytics.

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