HCB2 offers large community events to raise awareness and funds for cancer prevention education and early detection for colorectal cancer.

HCB2 offers smaller educational activities/services for the cancer community and the community at-large to inform and support the intake of quality nutrition, the reduction of stress, and the ability to continue fitness plans to help prevent cancer.  Please click Service to review the following:

  • Nutritional Healing Belly Baskets for cancer patients and survivors.
  • Stress Reduction through partnership with Dr. Jamie McLaughlin and Melissa Terese Young –  acupuncture and breathing meditation.
  • Functional Fitness for cancer patients and new survivors who have completed treatment – HOLD due to COVID
  • Community Wellness presentations onsite or virtually.
  • Early detection services for colorectal cancer for the underserved community.
  • Inflatable Colon appearances at corporate and community health fairs.