HCB2’s Fight Right Podcast

We are Hitting Cancer Below the Belt and we are hitting cancer hard with quality information that helps you to create a bodily environment where cancer is challenged to survive.  Each podcast offers education and insight to give listeners the power to make lifestyle changes that may increase one’s ability to prevent or recover from a cancer diagnosis. Simple and effective strategies are offered by functional medicine practitioners and other experts who use a holistic approach to help others “Fight Right”.  #cancerhatesthat —


Episode 04 – Cancer and Exercise
Andrea Leonard, founder of Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI), discusses the role of exercise during cancer treatment. Outcomes are better for patients when they continue to move during their course of treatment. Andrea explains how trainers, with the Cancer Exercise Specialist certification, assess clients challenged with a cancer diagnosis and how functional fitness plans are created. Andrea also provides information about lymphedema, the risks and symptoms of lymphedema, and simple exercises that can help reduce the risk of developing lymphedema. An inspiring conversation about helping cancer patients through their treatment and combating many of the challenging side effects through exercise.


Episode 03 – Gut Health During Cancer Treatment
Dr. Tressa Breindel, owner of InHealthRVA a functional medicine practice in Richmond, VA, discusses the exciting and empowering approach of treating underlying causes of health issues and not simply medicating or managing symptoms. The practice uniquely works with patience to find the root cause of dysfunction and the treatments support the body’s ability to heal and restore balance. Dr. Breindel highlights the role of nutrition and the gut microbiome giving specific insights for cancer patients. This short Fight Right podcast is full of critical information.


Episode 02 – What are you thinking? The Benefits of Thinking on Purpose.
The benefits of “thinking on purpose” is shared by neuro-strategist and mindset coach Dawn Quicke. Dawn shares information and practical strategies which empower the listener to take notice of their words, assumptions, and expectations. Choosing how we respond to feelings brings one into a natural calm and can protect one from chronic stress and anxiety. Dawn has used the power of her thoughts and words to reverse disease and cross the finish line of Ironman Triathlon multiple times.  She is globally trained in Neuro-Linguistics, Hypnotherapy and Yoga as well as a Board of Nursing Certified Massage Therapist. For more info go to www.dawnquicke.com.  A gentle mind and a gentle spirit creates an internal bodily environment where cancer is challenged to survive.


Episode 01 – Free Tool to Reduce Stress.
The one thing you can do for your health and it’s totally FREE!   Join HCB2’s guest speaker Melissa Terese Young, Breathwork facilitator in Richmond, Virginia, as she explains the abundant benefits of conscious breathing.  Using the breath to calm the body and to bring the body more energy.  We need to breathe to survive, but are you getting your daily dose of oxygen to help you thrive?  Great reminders along with new information in this short 17 minute podcast!


Well and Good Podcast

Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (HCB2) thanks Jay Smack of Red Amp Audio for inviting us to be included in his Well and Good Podcast!  Board members Dr. Andy Vorenberg, Kristi Seay, RN, MS, CGRN, and Founder/Executive Director Mindy Conklin, MS, MEd, share information about colorectal cancer prevention, screening, and the work HCB2 is doing in the community.  We are building and bridging resources to create a community where cancer is challenged to survive!  #cancerhatesthat