Local Support

HCB2 – Building and Bridging Resources to Create a Richmond Community without Cancer.

Access Now

Since 2008, Access Now has assisted uninsured patients, in Richmond VA and surrounding areas, with accessing specialty medical care that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Their services include access to screening and diagnostic colonoscopies.

Beyond Boobs / Here for the Girls

Since 2007, Beyond Boobs (and Here for the Girls in partnership with Pink Link) has provided cancer prevention information for all people and support to women 50 years of age and younger that have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Support groups can be found throughout Virginia, including Richmond, as well as in North Carolina, Florida and Texas.

BrainTree Labs

Braintree Labs offers Suprep Bowel prep kit which is a low volume, highly efficient way to cleanse the colon prior to a colonoscopy procedure. Braintree Labs supports HCB2’s work in providing the uninsured population no cost screening for colorectal cancer.

Cancer Action Network of Virginia (CACV)

Virginia’s state cancer coalition took root in 1998 and was established as a 501(c)3 in 2012. CACV and its members establish and carry out a state cancer action plan and host quarterly meetings for health professionals and community members. HCB2 and other CACV partners also came together to establish the Virginia Colorectal Cancer Roundtable, which was launched in 2016 to grow the nationwide 80% x 2018 initiative to reach 80% colorectal cancer screening rates by the year 2018.


Legal resources to help with the financial challenges when diagnosed with cancer. CancerLINC is a local Richmond organization.

Ellwood Thompson’s Grocery Store

Started in 1989, Ellwood Thompson’s, first known as City Market, is Richmond’s local, independent grocery store offering a variety of natural and organic foods. HCB2 has partnered with Ellwood Thompson’s since 2016 to offer nutritional workshops for cancer patients and survivors in the community.

Kickshaw’s Downtown Market and Kitchen

Kickshaw’s is a local, independent grocery store in Fredericksburg VA, offering natural and organic foods. They also offer a dedicated gluten-and nut-free kitchen and bakery space. In 2017, HCB2 partnered with Kickshaws to bring their Fight Right nutritional workshops to Fredericksburg VA.

Ostomy Association of Greater Richmond

Pamela Biasca Losada, MS (Psychology), Certified Health and Certified Emotional Empowerment Coach for high-achieving professional women who are experiencing disruptive negative physical and emotional symptoms due to their demanding profession and lack of personal boundaries. She provides the tools, support, and guidance to eliminate the destructive behaviors and create a healthier and more joy-filled life. Additionally, Pamela teaches health and wellness classes and she is the co-author of EMPOWER: Women’s Stories of Breakthrough, Discovery and Triumph.  


Spiritual Flow Yoga Studio

Sonja Stoeckl, yoga instructor and health coach, has partnered with HCB2 since 2016 to offer breathing mediations as part of HCB2’s Fight Right initiative to help cancer patients and survivors reduce stress in their lives.

Sports Backers

The mission of Sports Backers is to inspire people from all corners of our community to live actively.  Sports Backers core operating values include; engaging underserved populations, building innovative culture, and raising  funds through diverse sources to support the active living movement.

The Float Zone

Dr. David Berg, DC has brought the healing therapy of magnesium to the Richmond community via The Float Zone. When you participate in a magnesium float, the body receives magnesium through skin absorption. Magnesium is as critical mineral that is involved in hundreds of processes throughout the body. It has been shown to help elevate pain and help address chronic disease conditions like heart disease and diabetes (and more)!

Dawn Quicke, CMT

Dawn Quicke is a NeuroStrategist, massage therapist and owner of Living Health Massage and Wellness Center. She partnered up with HCB2 in 2018 to offer a some mindfulness practices to help cancer patients and survivors discover the healing power of visualization and how to live a deliberate life.

Dr. Jamie McLaughlin, DOM, Lac

Dr. McLaughlin is an Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Since 2016, he has offered free auricular (ear) acupuncture through HCB2’s Fight Right initiative for cancer patients and survivors.


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