Inflatable Colon Request “Can We Talk?”

Hitting Cancer Below the Belt (HCB2) wants to bring the inflatable colon to your next health event in the Richmond, VA area.  The inflatable colon is an entertaining, educational aid and promises to be a hit at any community or corporate health fair.  HCB2 uses their “Strolling Colon” to raise the level of conversation about colorectal cancer and early detection options. The “Can We Talk?” initiative pre-screens community members’ risk for colorectal cancer and brings  other educational materials which will raise the level of knowledge about the risks and the ways to promote colon health. HCB2 is able to offer this service within the Richmond, VA area and to the surrounding counties.  We request travel funds for regions outside the 45 mile radius.  HCB2 does not ship the inflatable colon.

A picture of a polyp inside the inflatable colon


Please complete the following form to request HCB2’s presence and the inflatable colon or email to learn more.  There is no charge for this service; however, a donation to HCB2 of any amount is greatly appreciated. HCB2 participates in corporate matching gift programs.  It’s a fantastic way to bring awareness into large organizations, increase team unity, and allow corporations to be socially responsible. Thank you for supporting our work.  Together, we can create communities without cancer.

Some volunteers inside the inflatable colon