Exercise and Cancer

Coming in the Fall!

It’s critical that HCB2 offer opportunities and encouragement for cancer patients and survivors to move!  Research reveals cancer patients can derive numerous wellness benefits with just 30 minutes of exercise 4x a week.  Cancer outcomes are more positive when the cancer patient has exercised through treatment and into survivorship.  Thanks to training through the Certified Exercise Training Institute (CETI), HCB2 is gearing up to offer functional movement programs for our most vulnerable population.  If you are going to fight, Fight Right!

HCB2 will begin two services for the cancer community in the fall of 2019:

  1.  Consultations, Assessments, and Individual In-Home Movement plans for cancer patients.
  2.  HCB2 Monthly Moves.  A monthly meeting for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.  Each meeting  includes light cardiovascular work, stretching to maintain flexibility, and a breathing meditation.  Participants will also receive gut restorative nutrition tips to help heal and seal the gut microbiome.
Our goal is to work with patients and survivors to help maintain strength, increase range of motion and flexibility, assist in the correction of  muscular imbalances, and aid in the prevention of lymphedema.  During and after surgery(s) and treatments, cancer patients are in need of quality guidance and education about proper ways to safely increase their activity which will increase their quality of life and enhance survivorship.
Cancer patients can move at any age and at any stage!  There is no charge for these sessions.  More information to come in September of 2019.
We are hitting cancer below the belt – hard!  #fightright